Tuesday, June 17, 2014

UPDATE: A huge answer to prayer!

Praise God for His faithfulness! In our last post, we shared about a young man we have been trying to help, who is suffering greatly from the effects of hydrocephalus. (You can read that post here.)

A Russian doctor in Maputo has been trying to help Scott make the necessary arrangements, but they have to take scans of his head, and at their last trip, all of the scanning machines in the capital were broken. This morning, a doctor from a private hospital in Maputo called. Their machine has been fixed, and he is going to do the scans for FREE! This is a huge blessings because it normally would cost hundreds of dollars, so we are praising God for his faithfulness!

Please pray for their trip to Maputo tomorrow and that the doctors will find out what they need through the scans. Praise God as well for those who have been so willing to help this sweet young boy.

JUNE 18 Update: The doctors have done the scans and have scheduled surgery in one week. They will put in a tube to slowly drain out the liquid around his brain. Until then they will run tests and get him ready for the surgery. He will be in recovery about one week after that. The doctor has been incredibly compassionate and helpful during this process, and we praise God for that!

JUNE 25 Update: Janu had his surgery Tuesday morning--a drain put in to relieve the pressure in his skull. He is now in recovery and so far doing well with no complications. Please continue to pray for this sweet boy and his mother during the recovery. If all goes well, he should be released early next week.

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