Sunday, September 4, 2011

Opportunity to get involved: Homes for the homeless

There is a great need a couple hours north of us where half a dozen elderly people are living under trees because they don't have homes. Mel and Mandy, two single women from England who are considering working with us, are currently helping to provide simple structures for these individuals who truly are the poorest of the poor.

Scott would like to take several of our disciples later this month to help build four of these homes. For only $175 you can sponsor one of these homes. This money includes all of the materials, labor, and food for the workers.

Please consider giving toward this project or asking your Sunday School class or small group to get involved and sponsor one of these homes!

For information on how to donate, click on this "website link." Once on The ECHO Project website (Donation page) there is instructions on how to either send in a donation via Pay Pal (including credit cards) and where to mail a check.

Thank you!

The ECHO Project team


Anonymous said...

I want to sponsor one, Lisa, what do I do to get the money to you? Mom

Lisa Harris said...

Thank you so much for making a difference! I've sent you an email with instructions.

For anyone else who needs them, there is a link in the post. Click on it and we have donations instructions on our website- -on the donation page.


The ECHO Team